Paul Conway Shields is now Conway Shield

(New Berlin, WI) Paul Conway Shields has rebranded and changed its name to Conway Shield. The change is in response to growth in the law enforcement industry and an expansion of the products and services offered by the company.
The effort reflects the company’s emphasis on the people it serves. “Conway Shield is a mission driven company before all else,” said founder and president Paul Conway. “We are one hundred percent committed to protecting and serving the men and women who put themselves at risk for the safety of others.” In addition to providing firefighters and law enforcement officers with the most reliable and effective gear available, the company heavily supports professional training and sponsors programs that advance physical fitness and mental resiliency.
Founded in 1985, Conway Shield started as a cottage industry making the leather identity shields used on the helmets of firefighters, a market that remains a cornerstone of the business. “From day one, we were committed to producing the highest quality, most professional-looking shield available,” said Conway. “That same philosophy extends to everything else we do, so we offer only the products we would trust with our own lives. The people we serve deserve nothing less.” Conway Shield now offers equipment and clothing to people in the firefighting and law enforcement communities..

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