The KrusePak was created by a firefighter to increase firefighter safety, and possibly even avoid LODD's caused by poor (or a lack of) air management strategies on the fire ground, specifically in high rise fires. It is a patent pending piece of equipment designed to carry two reserve SCBA bottles COMPLETELY HANDS-FREE, in addition to various small tools, which promotes firefighter safety on any emergency scene.

Firefighter Made, Used & Approved.

Custom made for 30 min, 45 min, or 60 min bottles.

Some Features of the KrusePak Include:
• Custom Made to Fit Any Size SCBA Bottle
• Boasts Handle, Padded Strap & Reflective Striping
• Grommets for Attachment of Rope or Various Small Tools by use of Carabiners (Carabiners Not Included)
• 2 Pockets for Small Rescue Tools such as Wedges, Wire Cutters, Knives, Window Punches, etc.
• Easily Identifies “Full” vs “Empty” Bottles in the Resource Staging Area by Inserting Empty Bottles Upside Down Into the KrusePak
• Includes 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty* (Repaired or Replaced at Discretion of Manufacturer)

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