BlastMask and Firefighter Functional Fitness Book Bundle - KIT-FFF-BM

BlastMask and Firefighter Functional Fitness Book Bundle

The Firefighter Functional Fitness book coupled with the BlastMask, are two tools that every firefighter should have in his or her arsenal!

Firefighter Functional Fitness is the essential guide to optimal firefighter performance and longevity. It provides firefighters with the vital knowledge, mindset and tools to maximize fireground performance, reduce the risk of injury and dying in the line of duty, live a long, healthy career and retirement, plus so much more!

Incorporating what you learn from this book will not only be done through mental training, but physical training as well. The BlastMask is a great tool to take that training to the next level. The BlastMask enables you to conduct multiple training and fitness exercises (with and without SCBA packs) that can dramatically improve your tactical preparedness. BlastMask Training Regulators attach to your facepiece and simulate real-world SCBA breathing without draining your tanks, or your budget.

Your purchase from us also includes FREE access to The Official BlastMask Bodyweight Workout, a full set of tutorial videos w/ warm up, cool down & the 12 week workout program!

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