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I don't know who made my helmet

Don't Know who made your helmet?

If you aren’t certain of either model type, or manufacturer. With your helmet in hand follow along with the pictures here that we have provided for reference. Note that while there are a number of manufacturers we only have selected the most common styles to use as a visual example.

With Helmet in hand flip the helmet over to look inside the shell. Depending on the manufacturer, labels will be placed on the inside of the shell or on the underside of the brim. For example on a Cairns Helmet a label will be placed in the inside of the shell and will contain model # on the upper left hand side of the label.

If you are still uncertain take a measurement from the base of the helmet to the beak of the eagle on your helmet. This is going to determine the size of the shield that should be manufactured. From there you can create a shield under “Unknown” based on the size. Our item numbers utilize the shield size in the prefix of the item number. For example if you have measured and determined a 6” shield would be needed you would be selecting a 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, and so on. The secondary number in this example is the number of panels.

If after following these steps, you still have questions, please feel free to contact one of our Customer Service Reps at 1 (800) 955-8489. We are available from 9am-4:30pm CST. If you are outside of those business hours please feel free to leave a message or drop an email to

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Standard lead time on shield orders is approximately 20-25 business days (please allow additional lead time for gold and silver leaf shields). Please contact our customer service at 1.800.955.8489 if you have any questions.