Chief Conway’s Scholarship Program

Paul Conway Fire Announces Chief Conway’s Scholarship Program

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary this year, Paul Conway Fire would like to announce our latest initiative to help give back to those who protect and serve. It is because of our continued commitment to protecting those who protect us that we have established "Chief Conway's Scholarship Program" to help subsidize training opportunities for our fellow brothers and sisters.

Paul Conway Fire recognizes that this job is forever in a state of change. We believe that individuals in the field have a duty to continue to train and to be the best firefighters that they can be. It is with this mindset that Chief Conway’s Scholarship Program continues to research ways to support our brothers and sisters so that they can stay smart and always intend on returning home.

Paul J. Conway himself expressed enthusiasm about the launch of Chief Conway’s Scholarship Program stating, “We can't emphasize enough that proper training is life. With proper training, comes the ability to learn and practice good physical and mental fitness so that you are ready when it matters most. Couple that with the best equipment and one holds the key components to firefighter survivability.”

Individuals who want to stay up-to-date on scholarship opportunities should sign-up for Paul Conway Fire’s e-newsletter and visit regularly.


Words from past winners:

"I just wanted to thank the Chief Conway Scholarship Program for giving me that opportunity to attend the Engine Ops HOT class. I felt that the class was very informational and I walked away with many more tools in my mental tool box. The instructors were great and put things into real life situations and how you may use a certain technique. The instructors were also very knowledgeable in the material and were able to present it so that it didn't matter if you were on a department that runs 500 calls a year or an engine that runs 500 calls a month, everyone could take the information and use it. I would highly recommend the training to others and will definitely be looking at other training opportunities they will have in the future."

Andrew Stolldorf (Second from right in picture below)
Attended Engine Company Operations Hands-On Training, offered by Fire Training Resources. October 20-23, 2015 at Carol Stream Fire District.

Andrew is second from the right