Up your game. Take your performance to a higher level, where professionalism is measured by preparation and presence of mind.

World class athletes know it. Surgeons know it. Soldiers in elite special forces know it. The body follows the mind. For this reason, the highest performers in any profession train their body and mind in tandem. By coaching presence of mind for clarity of thought in the line of duty, Conway Shield Training prepares firefighters and other first responders to perform with greater safety and higher effectiveness.

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With over 400 members to deliver training to, flexibility to work in the confines of our system was an important factor for us. Conway Shield Training provided a wide range of training options while working with the Department/Union to develop a customized product that best fit our needs. Communication during both training revolutions (hands on/DMX) was also top notch. From conception to completion, their team was available and responsive, working hand-in-hand with our training division and command staff to keep operations running smoothly.

Lt Kevin Sherry
Madison Fire Department

“Conway Shield Training delivered. Captain McNulty provided a road map on how to be a great leader in the fire service. His experience and expertise made it easy to win over the respect of our officers and help them buy into different leadership ideas.”

Deputy Chief Mark F. Semancik
City of Brookfield Fire Department