A key component to improving performance is taking time to reflect. Part of that reflection should be focused not only on

what actions we took but more importantly why we took the actions we did.

Tactics aside, why a decision was made and how that decision is communicated are essential components of

overcoming the friction points encountered during emergency operations.

These exercises guided by our Conway Shield instructors create an environment that

allows participants to drill down into the how and why they make decisions.

  • Focuses on why decisions are made without analyzing or commenting on the tactics.
  • Emphasizes HOW decisions are communicated to crew members.
  • DMX is responsive to the needs and nature of each group.

Ways To Train:
• In-person at Conway Shield
• On-site at your department

Our DMX program software simulates the structure or scenario of your choosing to allow all your members to participate in the training event.

Company officers, chief officers, drivers, and firefighters can all make decisions, compare strategies, and are encouraged to add feedback.


Contact our Lead Instructor Brian McNulty at [email protected] for more information.



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